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Flash & the Pan
Medlemmer:Ray Arnott
Les Karski
Warren Morgan
Harry Vanda
George Young

Historie:The best-known alter-ego of the Vanda/Young songwriting team (the creative force behind the Easybeats), Flash & the Pan began simply as a between-production project in 1976. By 1979, the project had turned out a novelty hit with the single "Hey St. Peter." A second single, "Down Among the Dead," also became a hit throughout Australia and Europe, inspiring the release of the album Flash & the Pan. American radio began playing import copies which led to a deal with Epic Records. The album would soon reach the top 100 in the U.S. despite the lack of a supporting tour. They released two more albums with some minor success in the U.K. but failed to make much impact due to the part-time nature of the project.

Chris Woodstra (ez2www.com)

Det er desværre ikke mere info. der er om F&TP, andet end at det er et australsk band, startet i 1976 af Vanda/Young (muligvis Georg Young).

1979 Flash & the Pan Epic  
1980 Lights in the Night Epic  
1982 Headlines Epic  
1983 Panorama Easy Beat  
1984 Early Morning Wake up Call Epic  
1988 Nights in France Epic  
1994 Collection Epic  
1997 Flash & The Pan/Lights in the Night Renaissance  
1998 Hits Collection EMI  

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