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Talk Talk
Medlemmer:Talk Talk 1982-1991
Mark Hollis, piano, voc. Ex-The Reaction.
Lee Harris, trommer
Paul Webb, bass

Historie:The Beginning

Talk Talk were a band who between 1982 and 1991 released a series of five increasingly esoteric and unclassifiable albums. From a humble and inauspicious synth-drenched debut they evolved into a band with a unique sound that, by the time of Spirit of Eden, defied genre pigeonholes.

The group formed around a nucleus of drummer Lee Harris, bassist Paul Webb (born 1962), and singer and chief songwriter Mark Hollis (born 1955). Previously Mark had been in the band The Reaction, who released one single in 1978 - 'I Can't Resist'. Talk Talk gathered when Mark Hollis was offered some studio time to demo his song writing in 1981. His brother Ed Hollis (who co-wrote the track 'Talk Talk') found Lee and Paul, and along with keyboard player Simon Brenner, the band's demo material and a couple of gigs secured them a session on Radio One, and a subsequent deal with EMI.

The Party's Over, album 1982 EMI  
It's My Life, album 1984 EMI  
The Colour Of Spring, album 1986 EMI  
Spirit Of Eden, album n/a EMI  
Laughing Stock, album 1991 Verve  

BBC biografi http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A851384

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Spilles i:
Life's What You Make It
Harakiri 24-02-1986 (mandag)
Life's what you make it
Reklamer 01-04-1986 (tirsdag)
Living in another world
Studie 86 17-03-1986 (mandag)
Living In Another World
Harakiri 11-07-1986 (fredag)
My foolish friend
Pop 83 30-05-1983 (mandag)
Talk talk
Pop 83 04-04-1983 (mandag)