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Medlemmer:Neil Arthur
Stephen Luscombe


Blancmange was a British duo made up of two synthesizer players, Neil Arthur (b.1958) and Stephen Luscombe (b.1954). After being in previous groups, they founded Blancmange in January 1979 to record the song "Sad Day."
Their U.K. Top 40 debut album, 1982's Happy Families, contained the Top Ten U.K. hits " Living on the Ceiling" and "Blind Vision."
Their second album, 1984's Mange Tout, hit the U.K. Top Ten and contained their third U.K. Top Ten single, "Don't Tell Me."
Their U.K. Top 40 singles included "Waves" (1983), "That's Love, That It Is" (1983), the ABBA cover song "The Day Before You Came" (1984), and "What's Your Problem?" (1985). Following the commercial failure of their third album, 1985's Believe You Me, Blancmange split up in 1986, and Luscombe joined the West India Company.
af William Ruhlmann (ez2www.com).

Taking their name from a type of cooked pudding, the electronic duo Blancmange interlaced the arty, exotic dance rhythms of Talking Heads with the quirky melodrama of early-'80s British synth pop. Consisting of Neil Arthur (vocals, guitar) and Stephen Luscombe (keyboards), Blancmange formed in London, England, in the late '70s. Originally called L360, Blancmange received immediate recognition when they sent the song "Sad Day" to DJ Stevo, who added it to a compilation LP of then-unsigned new wave groups including future alternative icons like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. Drummer Laurence Stevens was a member of the band for a short while, but they eventually replaced him with a drum machine. Signed to London Records, Blancmange released their first two singles, "God's Kitchen" and "Feel Me," in 1982. Both records were moderate hits in the U.K., the latter barely missing the Top 40 charts. Later that year, Blancmange's debut album, Happy Families, sold well on the strength of their first Top Ten hit, "Living on the Ceiling," which peaked at number seven in Britain. "Living on the Ceiling" captured Blancmange's unique take on synth pop, throwing heavy Middle-Eastern flavors into their very European style of club music. "Living on the Ceiling" was the beginning of a string of U.K. smashes
"Blind Vision" and "Don't Tell Me" both reached the Top Ten in England. Their cover of ABBA's "The Day Before You Came" was actually even more successful than the original, peaking at number 22. Blancmange's 1984 LP, Mange Tout, further established the group as one of Britain's most popular electronic artists
however, unlike many of their peers, the band weren't afraid of experimenting with real instruments, incorporating sitars, strings, woodwinds, and horns into their synthesized sound. But Blancmange's third album, 1985's Believe You Me, was a flop. The group broke up a year later. Arthur went solo while Luscombe formed the West India Company.
af Michael Sutton, All Music Guide (men taget fra artistdirect.com!)

Note: "L360" er 'lommeregnersk' for "LEGO".

1982 Happy Families Island  
1984 Mange Tout Sire  
1985 Believe You Me London  
1985 Believe You Me Sire  
1990 Second Helpings: The Best of Blancmange London  
1991 Greatest Hits Alex  
1992 Heaven Knows: Blancmange Collection Alex  
1994 Third Course London  
1996 The Best of Blancmange Connoisseur  
Singles et ceterea:  
1982 I've Seen The Word / God's Kitchen Blanc s  
1982 Feel Me/Feel Me (Instrumental) Blanc s  
1982 Living On The Ceiling/Running Thin Blanc s  
1983 Waves/Game Above My Head Blanc s  
1983 Blind Vision/The Game Above My Head Blanc s  
1983 That's Love That It Is Blanc s  
1984 Don't Tell Me/Get Out Of That Blanc s  
1984 The Day Before You Came Blanc s  
1985 What's Your Problem/Side Two Blanc s  
1985 Lose Your Love/John /That's Love That It... Blanc s  
1985 Can See It (Extened)/Scream Down The House Blanc s  

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Spilles i:
Don't Tell Me
Studie 84 11-07-1984 (onsdag)
Game above my head
Pop 83 04-04-1983 (mandag)
I can see it
Klubland 07-05-1986 (onsdag)
I Can See It
Andet 07-06-1986 (lÝrdag)
That's love that it is
Studie 84 30-01-1984 (mandag)
What's your problem?
Studie 85 23-09-1985 (mandag)