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Uds. tidspunkt: 15:05 - 16:00
Sidst rettet af: Torben, 13-10-2011 (torsdag)
1.00:0002:00Marlena Shaw You, Me & Ethel  
2.02:0004:55Vanity 6Nasty girl  
3.06:5504:03The StrikersInch by inch  
4.10:5804:30Roni GriffithLove is the drug  
5.15:2804:49Peech Boys Don't make me wait  
6.20:1704:46Galaxy feat. Phil Fearon Dancing tight  
7.25:0303:20Kajagoogoo This car is fast  
8.28:2303:18Rough TradeCrimes of passion  
9.31:4104:14Ric Ocasek Jimmy Jimmy  
10.35:5504:47IcehouseHey little girl  
11.40:4204:43Heaven 17Who'll stop the rain?  
12.45:2507:52New Order Blue Monday  
Total 53:17 minutter.
Bemærkninger til udsendelsen:
Vedr. #1: Svar til Mikkel Breiler ( fra NickNack i et indlæg på 2003-02-10: "This is the delicious Marlena Shaw from her 1975 Blue Note album, Who is This Bitch, Anyway? What you're listening to is the intro to the song 'Street Walkin' Woman'. This dialogue is so hot they even gave it its own title 'You, Me & Ethel'. I've always loved this and laugh everytime I hear it. The guy is sooo lame and she is sooo bored. It actually runs 3:17 seconds with her leaving him on the street with, 'I'm tired, you're tired, and you're $25.00 is tireder than both of us.' The song itself is not a dance/disco piece but Marlena in pure jazz form.".