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Uds. tidspunkt: 19:05 - 19:30
Sidst rettet af: Torben, 02-06-2009 (tirsdag)
2.00:0503:59Jack's Project Nightflight  
3.04:0402:54Dead Or AliveMy heart goes bang  
4.06:5803:29London Aircraaft Boulevard  
5.10:2703:31C.C.Catch I can lose my heart tonight  
6.13:5804:07The Family The screams of passion  
7.18:0510:34Disco Mix Club 31/2 Q to the break Megamix by Steve Gladders: Sandy Mercer - Work your body, Hot Streak - Body work, Q - The Voice Of Q, Forrest - Rock the boat, La Fleur - Boogie night, Eddy & The Soul Band - Theme from shaft, T Connection - Do what you wanna do, Michael Jackson - Don't stop (till you get enough), George Kranz - Din daa daa, Arrow - Hot hot hot, Arrow - Long time, Edwin Starr - Contact, Gonzales - Haven't stopped dancing yet, Kat Mandu - The break. 
Total 28:39 minutter.
Bemærkninger til udsendelsen:
#7: Svar til Mikkel Breiler fra Steve Gladders på www.discomusic.com, hvor han korrigerer ovenstående liste:

"You've obviously taken the tracklisting from the DMC record, which was incorrect. If you listen closely there's some of Konk's - Your Life in the background underneath T Connection's Do What You Wanna Do as well as The Voice Of Q in the foreground. There were 2 'triple mixes' in this mix, the other being Rock The Boat, Feel The Need & Boogie Nights. I think they left off Feel the Need too, as they didn't realize that it was a triple mix going on. I can just imagine it now "the guy's got Feel The Need listed, but where is it?"

In the original unabridged version, Konk was featured more along with Bombers - Dance, Dance, Dance, prior to it and one of my favourite parts of the mix, Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland right at the end. I have this version on the original Hi Fi video master at home.

Just thought you'd be interested. First hand knowledge, eh?

P.S. The original name for the mix was 'The Mix Of Q' after my DJ name Quinny and the fact that 'The Voice Of Q' figured so prominantly. I was miffed at first when I saw they'd changed it, but then I came around to thinking their title was probably better."