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Medlemmer:Claudia Brucken + 3 andre

Historie:Propaganda were this german electronic pop group ov incredible effortless K3|/|_||3ss. I've been listening to their album "a secret wish" lots in thee last few days. It is quite possibly thee only good rekord that Trevor Horn & Paul Morley's Zang Tuum Tumb label put out, unless one counts "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" which I haven't heard in many many years. It is a lot better than "He stranger" by Anne Pigalle, for example, or andrew poppy, or das psych'o rangers. Even if all ZTT's other rekords were rubbish on thee order ov st3r30ph0nicks, the label would still rule just because of Propaganda. Listening to it is strange, in that it is thee ultimate '80's elektronic pop produktion album in a lot ov ways - simmonds drums, sampled slap bass, fairlight & PPG synthesisers abound But, that which once sounded so flashy & expensive has now passed beyond datedness, & just sounds like a particular sort ov "sound", if you know what I mean. Some stuff that Propaganda had going for them were:
this weird sort of sonic groove ethik - not funky or rocking in any way, but BIG, with this awesome machine feel running thru it from beginning to end.

There are also BiG slabs of synthesiser string machine that sound like church organ. I always like that

There is a cover of a josef k song even!

The lyricks are good too

Basically, I suggest that if U see thiz album in a used rekord shop (and it will probably be for s.th.like two quid) then buy it, because it will make U happy.

-- Norman Phay (k-rad@faycycle.demon.co.uk), November 29, 2001

LP Secret Wish 1985 
BBC har en udemærket diskografi som dækker alt fra ZTT dvs også Frankie Goes To Hollywood. 


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