Arno Steffen
Medlemmer:Arno Steffen

Billede er coveret til Triumvirat "Russian Roulette" fra 1980.

Historie:1953 Born in Cologne. Lives and works as musician, producer and an author in Cologne.

1970 - 1980 Worked as singers/Songwriter in various Cologne groups. Among other things with the group Triumvirat and the Zeltinger volume. As Songwriter u a: "Muengersdorfer stadium ".

1980 - 1983 Worked as a producer in the team with Conny Plank. Zeltinger of LP: " The 1.boss ". LP - production with the group " Bang "

1984 Solo project of LP " Hit " in co-production with Conny Plank. First LP within the range of the skirt music, which was produced exclusively by using noises and nature sounds. Single uncoupling with various T.V. employments and video tie-clip of Thomas Schmidt: " All Superproperty, Ne? ", as well as music performance of the same name " Hit " with performance as stage production in the old person waiting-room Cologne

1985 Record publication: " Dear Songs ". producer: Conny Plank. Single uncoupling with video tie-clip of Boris Penth: " Gell, you likes me gelle! " Hoerspielmusiken for WDR. performance of the music performance " Hit " with the Ruhr festivals Recklinghausen.

1986 Concert journey by South America on invitation Goethe of the institute as Trioformation with Dieter Moebius (cluster) and Conny Plank. Free improvisations with electronic sound producers and Samplers. 45 minutes of T.V. Portrait on Hessen 3, title: Arno Steffen. Music for art performances of Jürgen Klauke.

1987 Co-operation and music for art performances of Jürgen Klauke, Dokumenta VIII. Filmmusiken and music productions

1988 Order for composition for the Festival: " Music on the 49sten, Karlsruhe ", ensemble 13, under which line of Manfred Reichert. Premiere of the piece: " Moving targets ", composition for group of skirts and small ensemble of Arno Steffen and pure hard Febel. Music for the ZDF feature " Pseudo ", direction Burkhard Steger.

1989 Book, direction and music for WDR television film " Peter man! " in the team with George Roloff. Music performance in the context of the meeting " Cologne meets New York ", new music in the " The Citchen, New York ". Concert journey by Brazil on invitation Goethe of the institute with music performance " Westworld ", for computers and voice. CD production with the group of "Montanablue"

1990 "Golden Camera Award " in the USA, for the music to the industrial video of the company Kaltenberg. Produced by De Campo film. Various music productions, e.g. Anthologie " Cologne Sampler " with recent Cologne groups.

1991 Conception and musical line in the context of the PopKomm taken place "Guitar final game 1991 ", thousand of guitarists in free interaction, in co-operation with the office for culture of the city Cologne. Order for composition for tape music for concert hall " Mozart in the body ", by Manfred Reichert. Various music productions.

1992 Music to the WDR T.V. Kuenstlerportrait " Jürgen Klauke ", by Thomas Schmidt. Singer and Songwriter of the group of L.S.E. Single uncoupling " Its Leaving ". Koelschpreis 1992. Member of the group of establishments of the artist initiative against racism and neo-Nazi " A.G. ass Huh ". culture price of the DGB.

1993 CD production with the group " Erich and the Polk ". Idea and musical line for the WDR music film "Free Play", direction Burkhard Steger. WDR T.V. Portrait " Arno Steffen ".

1994 Music for ZDF feature " Savage Years " with Blaine Reininger, direction Burkhard Steger. Production of the second L.S.E. CD " Fame Does Not Know a Grace ".

1995 Production Maxi single " The Erlkoenig ". Co-author and musical director/conductor of the music film " Free Play ". Film donation NRW in co-operation with WDR. Cinema start March 1996, direction Burkhard Steger. Film music SAT 1 feature " Babyfon ". direction Kaspar Heidelbach.

1996 Production of the third CD of L.S.E. with the title " Aua ". Music for R T L TV serial " S.K. Babies ". film music T.V. Movie: " Post Mortem ", RTL. Direction Joe Henschel. Production single "Death Of A Clown" with the group of " The Hunting Cows " for EMI Electrola and the T.V. series "The Clown ", RTL.

1997 Film music T.V. Movie: "Apartment for a Suicide", RTL. Direction Kaspar Heidelbach. Music for R T L - TV serial " S.K. Babies ".

1998 Fernsehmusiken. CD-ROM vertonung for the trade union OETV. Music for "... Beyond the Day ", a film on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, theme of German social history. In artistic co-operation with Dieter Krauthausen living as well as day/dream film production. Training order to the FH Cologne, Design, seminar about acoustics.

1976 - Single mit der Gruppe Jennifer Title: Breakoff / Soul Man  
New Blood Records  
1977 - LP mit der Gruppe Hollywood EMI Harvest, Producer : Jürgen Fritz  
1978 - Zeltinger Band " Live im Roxy " Ariola, Producer: Conny Plank  
1980 - Triumvirat " Russian Roulette " EMI Harvest, Producer : Jürgen Fritz  
1982 - Zeltinger Band " Der Chef " Ariola, Producer Conny Plank/A.Steffen  
1982 - Knall " Nimm Knall " Intercord, Producer Arno Steffen  
1984 - LP Arno Steffen " Schlager " WEA , Producer Conny Plank  
1984 - Single " Alles Supergut,Ne? " WEA, Producer Conny Plank  
1985 - EP Arno Steffen " Liebeslieder " WEA, Producer Conny Plank  
1986 - Maxi Der Kaiser und die Weltmeister " Tor für Deutschland ", Chlodwig Musik  
1989 - Producer for the Band "Montanablue" LP Title : "Chained To An Elephant"  
1989 - Producer for the Band "Crazy Sex Idiots " LP Titel : "Two Minutes Of Lust"  
1990 - Producer " Köln Sampler " Anthologie Kölner Nachwuchsbands  
1991 - Producer " Köln Sampler 1991 " Anthologie Kölner Nachwuchsbands  
1992 - CD mit L.S.E. " Für Et Hätz un jäjen d`r Kopp " Electrola  
1992 - CD xxx Huh, Zäng Ussenander " Electrola  
1993 - Producer " Köln Sampler 1993 " Anthologie Kölner Nachwuchsbands  
1993 - Producer " Erich und das Polk " Eastwest  
1994 - Producer Blaine Reininger " Wild Years " Chlodwig Musik  
1994 - CD mit L.S.E. " Ruhm Kennt Keine Gnade " Electrola  
1995 - Producer Carpe Diem " Der Erlkönig "  
1995 - Producer " Soundtrack Freispiel " Electrola  
1996 - CD mit L.S.E. " Aua " Electrola  
1996 - Producer The Hunting Cows " Death Of A Clown " Electrola  


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