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Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Medlemmer:Holly Johnson, vocalist (ex-Big in Japan)
Paul Rutherford, vocalist (ex-The spitfire boys)
Brian Nash, guitarist
Mark O'Toole, bassist
Peter Gill, drummer

Historie:FORMED: 1980, Liverpool, England

On the back of an enormous publicity campaign, Frankie Goes to Hollywood dominated British music in 1984. Frankie's dance-pop borrowed heavily from the then-current hi-NRG movement, adding a slick pop sensibility and production. What really distinguished the group was not their music, but their marketing campaign. With a series of slogans, T-shirts, and homoerotic videos, the band caused enormous controversy in England and managed to create some sensations in the United States. However, the Frankie sensation was finished as soon as it was started.



 Sidst opdateret 26-04-2005 (tirsdag) af torben.

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